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     Camp Gencheff's respite program is offered 2-3 times a month, for adults, teens, and for children.  Respites are provided to give each client a unique opportunity to socialize and bond with other individuals whilst parents and caregivers receive a much-needed break.

     Parents/caregivers are asked to ensure an up-to-date list of medications is provided along with any information regarding changes to medical conditions or any related information that is necessary to ensure quality care is provided. 

Respite Schedule

     Clients may be dropped off on the Friday of the respite at 6 pm.  Pick up is on Sunday at 2 pm. 


     To hear more about this program and to register, please complete the application form and contact or call 902-569-2669. Registration opens three weeks prior to the Respite date.  In order to allow new families access to weekend respites we are no longer accepting full-year registration.

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