Board of Directors

Tessa Hill - President

Occupation: Lawyer

Joined Board In: 2019

Ron Leger  - Treasurer

Occupation: Certified public accountant

Joined Board In: 2021

Todd Gallant - Director

Occupation: Holland College Instructor

Joined Board In: 2017

Why is Camp Gencheff special: Having worked at Gencheff Camp as their Camp Director in 1990, I’ve always was so impressed with the dedication of the staff, volunteers, and the board for insuring its success. Almost 25 years later, some of those people are still graciously involved in giving their time to the camp. It is certainly the hard work and dedicated people who truly  enjoy the smiles on the campers faces each week is what make this camp so special.

Goals for Camp: As our returning campers’ demographics is aging, we are noticing a drop in our younger age campers. One of the goals I feel that I can help initiating revolves around marketing. I believe that we need to tweak our marketing strategies to increase our reach to parents with young children.   

Michael Morrison - Director

Occupation: Media Monitoring Coordinator in the Communications and Public Engagement section of Executive Council Office

Joined Board In: 1992

Goals for Camp: To continue serving the camp for the foreseeable future and participating in its continued growth and enhancement.

Darke Carr - Director

Ian Hunter - Director

Occupation: Retiree from CBC

Joined Board In: 2014

Chanda Doucette - Director

Occupation: Educational Assistant (EA)

Joined Board In: 2021

Sue Gallant - Director

Joined Board In: 2021


Jeremy MacDonald - Director

Occupation: Executive Director of PEI Cerebral Palsy Association

Joined Board In: 2021

Katherine Lowings  - Secretary

Occupation: Certified music therapist (MTA)

Joined Board In: