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Camp Gencheff’s purpose is to provide quality programs for adults and children with intellectual and physical disabilities.  Camp Gencheff has expanded its programs to better support islanders with disabilities and their families.  Camp Gencheff offers weekend overnight respites, adult day program, after-school program, children's summer day program, and PD day program. For our clients, being around other individuals with different abilities provides an experience like no other. Clients are able to learn from each other and be apart of an environment that allows for all clients to feel respected and welcomed. Our purpose is to offer programming to help enrich the quality of life for all of our clients.

At Camp Gencheff, the philosophy we stand by is "Focus on Ability". Our vision is to create unique and dynamic programs for individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities to experience new opportunities, make long-lasting friendships, and learn new skills.  We believe every client should leave our facility feeling confident, independent, safe, and happy. 


Located on twenty-two scenic acres in Stratford at Bellevue Cove, Camp Gencheff boasts a beautiful shoreline overlooking the Hillsborough Bay.  With its own private access to the beach, Camp Gencheff offers many opportunities for clients to enjoy swimming, canoeing, and beach walks.  A spacious backyard area provides many opportunities for sports and other gross motor play.  A modern fully accessible building includes a lofty recreation area and dining hall, two dormitory wings, bathrooms with shower, kitchen, a computer/library room, and offices.


2024-2029 Strategic Plan for Camp Gencheff

Mission Statement

“Camp Gencheff delivers exceptional and diverse programming in a unique setting that helps foster growth and enriches the lives of people with disabilities.”

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