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Are you interested in contributing your time to Camp Gencheff? We are always looking to add volunteers to our team!

Our volunteers help set up activities and actively engage with our clients.

To volunteer at Camp Gencheff, please fill out the form below and email it to



Are you a student looking for volunteer hours? Many lifelong skills such as patience, the ability to interact with many different types of individuals, multitasking, and more can be obtained by volunteering at Camp Gencheff. Obtain skills for many career paths such as human services, social work, nursing, and occupational and recreational therapy. 

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Are you interested in events and fundraising? We have fundraising and event efforts happening each year! Volunteer your time to an amazing cause and learn fundraising and event skills for your future career!

Junior Counsellor 

Camp Gencheff is offering a junior counsellor training program to eligible candidates who are looking to gain work experience and build their resume.  Applicants must fit the following criteria:


  • Must be over the age of 13

  • Able to work with minimal supervision (assessment completed before applicant is accepted)

  • Able to be work shifts on weekends or during events for up to 4 hours

  • Must have up to date resume and complete a formal job interview

Camp Gencheff Junior Counsellor Form


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