From arts & crafts, games and fun to karaoke and dances, Camp Gencheff is a very special place where friendships are made and encouragement is found.

We believe that we all have special skills, talents and creativity.  All we need is a place to grow, and that is our goal: To provide a safe and exciting place to assist our campers in developing their own unique skills and personalities.  We strive to promote independence and growth in all areas: social, personal, and physical.

We are a fully accessible facility serving special needs individuals across Prince Edward Island.

Our Leaders

Our staff participates in an intense training program prior to the start of the camping season.  This prepares them to meet the various needs of people who have special needs.  These sessions, given by professionals, include training in first aid, lifting procedures, CPR, abuse detection, non-violent crisis intervention, emergency procedure, personal care and more.  Staff responsibilities vary but all share a common goal – to ensure that every camper who attends Camp Gencheff has a positive, safe and enjoyable experience.

Health Care Worker’s

The health and safety of each camper is entrusted to the professional care of a Health Care Worker.  The camp nurse will be available days and evenings for the entire camp schedule.


Meals are prepared and served with the campers’ enjoyment and health in mind.  Certain special dietary requirements are routinely accommodated.

Rules and Regulations

All campers will be expected to attend their designated camp and to stay for the whole camp session.

All campers must follow rules and regulations.  If a campers behavior is disruptive to the program, parents will be asked to pick him/her up.