We have recieved donations from many members of the public. Often they are in the names of loved one who has passed away. We would like to remember those names and share them with you. Thank you so much!

Donations received in memory of:

Chris Cutcliffe
Keir Boswell
Freda MacDonald
John Bernard
Lea Stewart
Terry LeClair
John Hay
Ora Drake
Harold Gallant
Muriel Gallant
Henry Scales
John Clough
Jason Gencheff
Preston & Myrtle MacAusland
Jim Fay
George Key
Hollis Claude McFadyen
Peter Houston
Gerald Morrell
Brian Acorn
Cameron Easter
Stuart Easter
Robert MacNeill
Judy Tremere
Florence Smith
Simon Compton
Robert Carr
Elmer Newson
Dennis McCormick
Elliot Brazil
Harlan Robbins
Barry Wood
Bill MacDonald
Arnold Burhoe
Margaret Taylor (nee Betts)
Myrtle MacAusland
Eric Dawson
Mike Cainey