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Camp Gencheff is a non-profit that offers year-round programming to adults and children with intellectual and physical disabilities.  We are located in Stratford, Prince Edward Island. We are situated upon 22 acres that overlook the beautiful beach. This allows us to provide fun activities on-site such as going to the beach, campfires, outdoor play, and nature walks. Our facility is fully accessible for wheelchair users and provides dorm-style accommodations to our clients who partake in our respite programming. In each of our dorms, we have ceiling lifts above the beds, washroom and shower/changing area that allows campers who are wheelchair users to safely use with trained staff. We also have standing lifts that can be moved in and out of the facility.

Fun in a Safe Environment

Our client-to-staff ratio is 3 to 1. We provide this ratio for the safety of our clients.  When we have our weekend respites, staff work at camp during the day and overnight with site supervisors overseeing both day and night care.  Site supervisors oversee staff and programming.  The executive director and program managers are on-site to ensure the safety and care of all clients as well as oversee all staff.  Our program managers are both educated with Bachelor's degrees in Psychology. The executive director oversees all camp operations.  Our executive director is a certified paramedic, holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from UPEI, and has been with Camp Gencheff for 15 years.  Finally, we have a board of directors who volunteer their time to work with management and oversee all aspects of Camp Gencheff.


"It is this kind of quality care from each position at Camp Gencheff that allows us to give campers the best camp experience."


Creative Programming

We offer a multitude of different programs to fit the needs of our clients and their families.  Weekend overnight respites are offered twice a month (Friday-Sunday), once for adults and once for children.  Clients arrive at 6 pm on Friday and leave at 2 pm on Sunday.  The adult day program runs Monday-Friday (8 am-6 pm) on-site and offers vocational training, life skill building, cooking classes and more.  The after-school program runs Monday-Friday with pickup at 6 pm and focuses on providing a fun, nourishing environment.  On scheduled professional development days, we are open, from 8 am to 5 pm, to offer care to school-aged children.  During the summer months, we are open Monday-Friday (8 am - 5 pm) for our children's summer day program.  


 Through our ability to offer unique programs, clients are able to challenge themselves and become inspired by others through our creative and interactive programming. While we do maintain programming each day, we allow flexibility with each activity so clients always feel comfortable, but challenged with something they may have never done before ex: canoeing, participating in sports, or even hanging out with a new friend. To some of our clients, these are big milestones and we are fortunate to be able to see our clients accomplish things they may have never thought they could do before.

"We have programming designed to meet the needs and age groups of each of our campers."

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