The Order of Gencheff

In 2000 a group of Masons from several Lodges in the area got together and rebuilt the cabin on the north side of the property , to serve as a dorm for the councilors, and provide a place for them to get a bit of private time .

As a result of that effort, the organizers of the project wanted to horour and thank those workers who gave of there time and talents to make it happen. A ceremony was developed, somewhat in Masonic tradition called “The Order Of Gencheff” , and during the ceremony each of the participants who had worked on the Camp project were inducted into “The Order Of Gencheff” and 34 were to be Knighted as such.

The ceremoney was so well accepted by Camp personnel, and everyone enjoyed such a wonderful and meaningful evening , the Camp Executive felt it was a ceremony that should become a tradition to honour and thank the many who have given freely of there time for the betterment of this great Camp that means so much to so many of our chrildren.