Camp Gencheff Amateur Radio Club was formed in 2005. The callsign of the station was chosen as a tribute to Dr Tudor Gencheff after whom our camp is named.
Michael Morrison, VY2CO, a licensed Amateur Radio operator and a member of the board of directors since 1992, is trustee of the station.
One of the objectives of the station is to introduce the wonderful world of amateur radio to our campers in a fun and entertaining manner.
The station consists of a Kenwood Ts850SAT and a W9INN windham antenna.
The station is on the air primarily 3  weekends per month from October  to May during  our respite camp weekends, and frrequently during the week from late June until the end of August.

Modes used to date are primarily SSB and CW. Our campers continue to enjoy Amateur radio as a new activity and particularly enjoy the opportunity to make friends with other Hams all over the world under the supervision of the station trustee. We have worked many special event stations, such as SY05AIA in Athens, Greece, GB0SJS (Boy Scout Jamboree station), numerous  lighthouse weekend stations, N2BJ aboard the battleship USS New Jersey  and others.
Qsl  cards may be sent via VY2TGC, VY2CO or via the bureau.
Our cmpers wish all amateurs worldwide who may read this web page the best and we look forward to meeting you on the air soon.