Olivia Leger

Site Supervisor

Camp Gencheff Employee Since 2012

Experience working with people with intellectual and physical disabilities.
I have worked with children and adults, ages 5 through 70, with intellectual and/or physical disabilities for 6 years. My specific work experience includes Camp Gencheff in Stratford, PE, as a junior counsellor, senior counsellor, and currently site supervisor. I was a one-to-one worker for a woman with epilepsy; I also did one-to-one work with the woman at her home. I volunteered with Parasport PEI and helped set up a Parasport day where the athletes taught grade school-aged children how to play their sports with modifications suited to their disability. I was a special needs assistant for a child in grade 2 with an intellectual disability last year for four months. We worked on things such as controlling behavioral outbursts, homework, ways to resolve conflict with other children, and much more. Currently, I am a casual educator at a daycare where I work with pre-school children and grade school-aged children (up to grade 6, total of about 40 children). In both age groups there are children who have intellectual disabilities and I support them in engaging in inclusive activities with the other children. Each one of these experiences has helped me expand my knowledge of working with children and adults with disabilities and I feel as though each experience helps me as a supervisor at Camp Gencheff!

Experience working at Camp Gencheff
I was hired at Camp Gencheff as a Junior Counsellor in 2012. I immediately fell in love with working at Camp Gencheff. I completed a respite season and a summer as a Junior Counsellor. I quickly learned the ropes of the camp and was promoted to become a Senior Counsellor after my first summer in 2013. I completed two respite seasons and two summers as a Senior Counsellor and was then promoted to become a Supervisor in the 2015/2016 respite season. My time as a Site Supervisor was quite short as I was leaving to start university in another province, but I am so excited to be back for the 2018 summer season as a Site Supervisor!

Where I go to school?
I just finished my second year at St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, NS, and will be returning in the fall to complete my third year! I’m doing a BA with a Major in Psychology and a Minor in Sociology. I absolutely the love the field of psychology and all it has to offer. I really love that I am studying a field where I will be able to help people every day. My goal is to finish my BA degree and get a Master’s degree in Social Work!

I absolutely love being outdoors so some of my main interests include kayaking, taking my dog for a walk, swimming, gardening, and much more! In my down time, I love spending time with family and friends!

Why I like working at Camp?
I love working at Camp Gencheff because it is a facility where anything is possible. Campers are encouraged and motivated to push the boundaries and to have new experiences, new friends, and new skills. The main reason I love working at Camp Gencheff is seeing the excitement from Campers when they succeed at an activity or game that they didn’t think they could do. Each Camper is special and has their own strengths that can be utilized to help them face any challenge that they might meet! One of my favorite memories at Camp Gencheff was during my third summer as a Senior Counsellor. One of my Campers had severe seizures and kept expressing how much they wanted to go on a canoe ride, but they were too scared to do so. Myself, another counsellor, and the supervisor on duty got together and brainstormed a solution that the camper was comfortable with. We ensured that the Camper felt empowered and safe with the solution. This allowed the Camper to achieve their goal of being in a canoe in a safe environment where they were in control. The Camper was ecstatic that they accomplished something they never thought was possible. It was something that was talked about the rest of the week!

Favorite summer activity at Camp Gencheff
My favorite summer activity is Wheel of Misfortune! We have a wheel similar to the one on Wheel of Fortune where each spot is covered with a counsellor’s name. Each camper gets a turn spinning the wheel and whatever counsellor it lands on, they get to dump a bucket of freezing cold water on the counsellor’s head. For years this has been a Camper favorite and it’s one of mine too! Every year the counsellors are such great sports about it. It really becomes a memorable part of the week.


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Executive Director

Camp Gencheff Employee Since 2003

Experience working with people with intellectual and physical disabilities:

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