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Autism Society Socials

     Camp Gencheff, in partnership with the Autism Society of Prince Edward Island, is now offering socials for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). We are so thrilled to offer a program designed for children and teens who are diagnosed with ASD.  One Saturday a month an activity is planned which is aimed at encouraging socialization, communication, and problem-solving.  The goal is to have each participant register for all events to help foster meaningful friendships and expand their social circle in hopes of creating long-lasting memories and relationships. 


     We are offering certain times for each age group.  For children ages 6-11, drop off is at 4 pm and pick up is at 7 pm.  For children ages 12-18, drop off is at 6 pm and pick up is at 9 pm.


     This program is free for Autism Society Members.  To become a member, please contact Natalie or Nick at the Autism Society.


     Toll-free number: 1-888-360-8681
     Direct number: 902-566-4844


     Non-members can make payments for our programs can be made through AccessAbility Supports or can be given through cash or cheque.


     New clients will need to fill out the Social Connections registration form and send it to to register.







To hear more about this program, call 902-569-2669.

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