Weekend and Day Camps

Camp Gencheff is a year round facility providing a respite care program from September to May. The programs provide a safe weekend of enrichment for participants while family members benefit by having time to regenerate for their caretaking duties. All fees may be cost shared by the Department of Child and Family Services or Disability Support Program.

We offer Weekend Camps for people with disabilities ages 17 and up and Day camps for children with disabilities ages 6-16.

DAY CAMPS:Our day camps are once every month on Saturdays only from 9:00 am-9:00 pm. We can’t wait for you to come for our fun filled days!

ADULT CAMPS: Our adult camps are once every month starting Friday evening at 6:00 pm until Sunday afternoon at 2:00 pm. Come join us for a fun filled weekend!

RESPITE SEASON 2017/2018: Download HERE!

Adult Weekend Camp and Youth Day Camp Schedule
Campers are registered in camps according to their ages. Youth camp is 6-16 years old and Adult camp is 17 and up.


October 2017 Youth Day Camp: Oct 21

Adult Weekend Camp: Oct 13-15


November 2017 Youth Day Camp: Nov 4

Adult Weekend Camp: Nov 17-19


December 2017 Youth Day Camp: Dec 9

Adult Weekend Camp: Dec 1-3


January 2018 Youth Day Camp: Jan 27

Adult Weekend Camp: Jan 19-21


February 2018 Youth Day Camp: Feb 24

Adult Weekend Camp: Feb 9-11


March 2018 Youth Day Camp: Mar 3

Adult Weekend Camp: Mar 23-25


April 2018 Youth Day Camp: Apr 7

Adult Weekend Camp: Apr 13-15


May 2018 Youth Day Camp: May 5

Adult Weekend Camp: May 18-20



Weekend Respite Camp fee is $175.00 per camper. Day Camp for youth is $75.00


To register please call Camp Gencheff at 569-2669 or email manager@campgencheff.com.

Please leave a detailed message if there is no answer and include CAMPER’S FULL NAME, YOUR NAME AND CONTACT PHONE NUMBERS.
Priority will be given to the camper/family who have the greatest need for respite care.

Those campers who are accepted will receive a confirmation by email no later than MONDAY EVENING OF THE WEEK OF THE CAMP. Email addresses are required and you are asked to ensure you check your email. Campers who register but are not confirmed for attendance, will be put on a cancellation list and will be contacted if room becomes available.

Campers who arrive at the camp who are not confirmed as attending will not be accepted.

If a Camper is registered and confirmed to attend and does not arrive, they will be charged the full
weekend fee.

Parents/caregivers are asked to ensure an up to date list of medications is provided along with any information regarding changes to medical conditions or any related information that is necessary to ensure quality care is provided.
Camp Gencheff opens at 6:00 p.m. on Friday of the respite weekend, campers should not arrive prior to this time.

Sunday pick up time is 2:00 p.m. Any camper(s) who is not picked up by this time, will be
charged a fee of $50.00 to offset the additional costs of staff remaining after close of respite.

We look forward to another successful and enjoyable respite season for all!